About The Tax Lady - Roni Deutch

About The Tax Lady

Roni Deutch is a fearless leader with contagious passion and energy. For over two decades, ‘The Tax Lady’ owned the largest tax resolution law firm of its kind in the country with thousands of employees and approximately 100,000 clients. Roni also built the 4th fastest growing national tax franchise at that time, authored numerous books and has been a go to expert on FOX, FOX Business, CNN, The Today Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, iHeart Media and countless others. At one time the name “Roni Deutch” had a 51% brand recognition rate in the tax industry so there’s a good chance you’ve seen Roni on TV or heard her top rated radio show on iHeart Media.

79 days before the Gubernatorial election in 2010, Jerry Brown sued Roni who at that time, had a perfect record with the State Bar of California and every other State Bar in the country with no record of any disciplinary action. The frivolous and sensational lawsuit filed against her was settled without any finding of wrongdoing by Roni against any of her 100,000 clients. In fact, all of the horrific allegations were false, baseless and unfounded which is why there was no finding of guilt by Roni or any member of her law firm.

Anyone who knows Roni is well aware that she is not afraid to stand up to bullies, corrupt politicians and broken tax systems which is why she is “all in” on helping taxpayers and their families get relief with the IRS. After all, everyone who owes the IRS deserves professional tax help and a second chance in life!!

Roni loves GOD, Family, Kids, Surfing, Dogs, the San Francisco Giants and she despises bullies and corrupt politicians who abuse their positions of power, violate Constitutional Rights and waste taxpayer dollars.