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Expert SBA & EIDL Loan Default Assistance by Roni Deutch

Is your business facing the daunting prospect of SBA or EIDL loan default? Roni Deutch is your trusted partner in reclaiming financial stability and peace of mind. With our specialized expertise in SBA and EIDL loan resolution, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

Roni Deutch – The Tax Lady

Roni Deutch is a National Tax and SBA Expert and Radio Show Host on iHeart Media. She was known for decades as ‘The Tax Lady’ and founder of the largest tax and debt resolution law firm of its kind in America at that time.

Here Are Three Easy Steps to Getting Started With SBA & EIDL Loan Forgiveness


Talk to Us and Let Us Assess Your Situation

  • We’ll determine where you stand with your SBA loan. Knowing this is crucial in determining the next steps.
  • Click the button below to schedule a callback conversation. You’ll be glad you did!


We’ll Review and Explain Your Options

  • We will educate you on the potential paths forward, including deferment, loan modification, and an Offer in Compromise (OIC).
  • We’ll suggest your best path forward and help you make the best choice to ensure your success.


You’ll Sleep Better at Night Again

  • We assure you we’ll get you the absolute best outcome.
  • No more waking up at 2 AM worrying. No more avoiding incoming calls. No more worrying if an SBA officer is tracking you. We have your back.

What You Need to Know

Loan Terms and Conditions

Understand the terms and conditions of your SBA or EIDL loan agreement, including repayment schedules, interest rates, and penalties for defaulting.

Loan Forgiveness Eligibility

Determine if your business may qualify for loan forgiveness based on how the funds were used and meeting specific criteria set by the SBA.

Options for Repayment

Explore various repayment options, including negotiation with lenders, refinancing, debt restructuring, and seeking professional assistance.

Consequences of Default

Be aware of the potential consequences of default, such as damage to credit scores, legal actions, and collateral seizure.

Open Communication with Lender

Maintain open communication with your lender to discuss financial difficulties and explore potential solutions.

Loan Forbearance (or Deferment)

With loan forbearance, you can halt payments or reduce monthly payments for up to 12 months, providing temporary relief during financial hardship.

Additional Assistance Options

Offer in Compromise

OIC is a potentially life-saving option for those facing significant financial distress. It allows you to settle your debt for less than the full amount owed.

Loan Forbearance
(or Deferment)

With loan forbearance, you can halt payments or reduce monthly payments for up to 12 months, providing temporary relief during financial hardship.

Loan Modification of
Repayment Terms

Loan modification involves adjusting the terms of your SBA loan to make repayment more manageable, such as extending the repayment period or reducing interest rates.

Why Choose Roni Deutch?


Our team boasts years of experience in tax and financial matters, specializing in SBA and EIDL loan resolution.

Personalized Approach

We understand that each business's situation is unique, so we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Proven Results

Countless businesses have benefited from our expertise, achieving financial freedom and peace of mind.

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today!

Don’t let SBA or EIDL loan default dictate the fate of your business. Contact Roni Deutch today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your financial stability.

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