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Offer In Compromise

An IRS Offer in Compromise with the IRS allows taxpayers that cannot afford to full pay their back tax liability the opportunity to settle their tax debt for less money than what they owe. If you qualify, an Offer in Compromise can reduce IRS debt and save you thousands of dollars!

The IRS sets guidelines for accepting an Offer in Compromise. The IRS looks at a taxpayer’s past, current and future financial situation when evaluating whether an Offer in Compromise should be accepted. It is important to know what aspects of a taxpayer’s situation the IRS is looking at when filing an Offer in Compromise. Not everyone qualifies for an IRS Offer in Compromise, as each person’s financial situation is different. Additionally, the length of time varies but the average time it takes is generally is 9 to 12 months.

The IRS Offer in Compromise process involves completing the appropriate forms, having the necessary records on hand, being compliant with the IRS tax regulations, and filing the Offer in Compromise for review with the IRS. Once filed, the IRS begins their investigation of the taxpayer’s reasonable collection potential based upon his or her financial situation. They also evaluate the taxpayer’s history of filing tax returns. Unfortunately, many taxpayers who file an IRS Offer in Compromise, get it returned due to procedural deficiencies and never make it to a point of final review. Thus, satisfying the many procedural requirements is necessary if an Offer in Compromise is to be reviewed by the IRS and is one of the benefits in hiring an experienced tax professional for filing an IRS tax settlement.

After the IRS completes its review, it makes a determination either to reject or accept the Offer in Compromise. If the Offer in Compromise is rejected, another form of IRS back tax resolution may be needed, such as an Installment Agreement, Currently Not Collectible status, or Full Pay Service. If the Offer in Compromise is accepted the offer amount is paid and the back taxes are resolved. In addition, the taxpayer must file all future IRS tax returns and make all necessary payments on time and in full. An IRS Offer in Compromise it is an excellent way to resolve back taxes and to get a fresh start with the IRS.

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